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Located on the north east of the Persian gulf with a minimum distance of 18 km from the southern offshore of the mainland Iran, the kish island with an area of 90 square kilometers is one of the most marvelous and most beautiful regions of the Persian gulf and has attracted the attention of many tribes and nations since times immemorial. Oval in shape, the island is 15 km long and 8 km wide.

The island is largely flat, sandy and uncultivated, with a high point of 45 meters above sea level. Although very hot and humid in summer, it has got a pleasant weather from about November to March with an annual average temperature of 27 degrees centigrade.

Its beautiful coast is covered with white silvery sand washed by azure blue waves of the sea.

Already a famous island, Kish owes its present flourishing to its status as Iran's first and, for a long time, the only free port, and its sweet water.

Kish has a long history of about 3,000 years, being called under various names such as kamtina, Arakia, Arakata, and Ghiss in the course of time. The island was known for the quality of its pearls; when Marco Polo was visiting the imperial court in China and remarked on the beauty of those worn by one of the Emperor’s wives, he was told that they had come from Kish.

Sights to See

  • Harireh Town
    The ruins of Harireh cover a 120-hectare stretch of lands. The expanse indicates that Harireh was once a great developed town with a large population. What is now open to tourists constitutes the remains of a port town with an exquisite architectural urban style. The houses have barely sustained complete arches and ceilings.


  • The Greek Ship
    In a morning of the year 1345 (1966), the local people of Kish found a colossal ship which had run aground close to Baghu village, near the western coasts if the island. The people said the cause of the incident was that there was no lighthouse round to guide the captain in the foggy weather.
    The spectacular scene, along with the melodies of striking waves and the changing colour of the sky and sea, carve a memorable monument in the mind of every viewer.

  • Qanat
    A qanat is a network of wells and tunnels designed at a slope less than the ground's, in order to channel waters of aquiferous layers to the ground through gravity force and not mechanical energy. The system is a customary method of extracting water from subterranean layers in Iran and some other dry regions of the world.
    There are now 10 qanats in the northern and western parts of the island. Although the Kish qanats are not as long as those of the dry central Iranian regions, their engineers have made maximum use of the minor slope of the island.

  • Ford
    Every open qanat contains a stream of water flowing towards the spring head. A ford is a corridor dug alongside the qanat mouth. The steep stepped ford reaches the water flowing down the tunnels. The deeper the well, the more steps the ford will have. The excavation angel is designed in a way that the last steps of the ford touch the mouth of the qanat.


  • Traditional Water Reservoirs
    Typical of the dry Iranian regions, Kish people have used reservoirs to store cloud precipitants. The4se reservoirs were chiefly built deep into the ground in the extreme end of natural ponds.
    Remains of some of these reservoirs can still be seen in the area.

  • Kish Beaches
    Kish`s coral soil is silver, shining like a pearl under the sunlight. This is a rare phenomenon for the soils covered by grey sands. Not far from the beach, the sea is transparent and the seabed can be easily seen.


  • Donya Road
    Donya Road (World Road) is a belt road surrounding Kish. Along the road, some 25 plots of land have been allocated to the 25 provinces of the country each, so that they will display their artistic products and handicrafts. Some pavilions have also been slated to be given to foreign countries on the other side of the road, so that each province will have a foreign country as its neighbor.

  • Aquarium
    The aquarium building lies in the eastern side of the island, near the Kish Hotel. The aquarium showcases a large variety of fishes and aquatic life. For those reluctant to dive into the sea and watch the beauties of the underwater world, it can be memorable to pay a visit to the nice aquarium of Kish.


  • Hoor Hut (Hut of Sun)
    Hoor Hut is a compound showcasing properties of the less frequently used natural energies. Some solar-run apparatuses desalinate the salt water coming to the surface with the use of wind pressure.

  • Reptiles Exhibition
    The exhibition contains over 100 species of snakes such as boa, pythons of Africa and Amazon, iguana crocodile of Madagascar, the black emperor scorpion of Africa, flying snake of Thailand, the bird-easter spiders of Brazil....in order to visit the exhibit, the interested should refer to the Art center, south of the Gazelles Park.


  • Taxidermy Collection
    Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals, so that they will appear lifelike. There is a workshop at the Kish University, displaying stuffed birds, reptiles, crustaceans and the marine animals of the Persian Gulf.

  • Meet the Locals
    Anthropologists can meet the industrious and kind native people of Kish in Saffain district and get acquainted with their Lifestyle. The old people of Kish speak both Farsi and Arabic, and are mostly dressed in local costumes.

  • Kish Mosques
    Kish houses seven mosques and hosseiniyehs (Islamic centers dedicated to mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (pbuh). The biggest mosques of Kish include the mosques of Amir, Khatam ol-Anbia and Nour.
    The Amir Mosque is one of the oldest monuments of Kish which was repaired and refurbished by the National Heritage Organization in the early 1991.


  • Derakht-e Sabz Entertainment Complex
    The surface waters mainly flow into the lush wooded Portuguese valley, north of the island. Around one of the old-grown quark trees of the valley, there is a magnificent complex named Derakht-e Sabz (meaning the ever green tree). The green lush appearance of the site reminds us of the wooded northern Iranian regions.

  • Woods
    The artificial forest of Kish, planted on a six-hectare expanse of land in 1992, stands north-east of the island. The forest is mainly planted with Egyptian acacia, eucalyptus, albizia, sour jujube, lotus, quark, tamarisk, palm and tamarind.


  • Baghu Village
    Baghu is one of the oldest villages of Kish, located south-west of the island. The village, home to a handful of families, boasts one of the most fertile lands of the region.

  • Daneshvaran Park
    Daneshvaran (Scientists) is one of the vastest and most accessible parks of Kish. Established in 1997 along the Pardis Bazaar, the park exhibits statues of 15 contemporary Iranian scientists and academic.

  • Gazelles (Ahovan) Park
    With a land area of two hectares, the park is located down the Ferdowsi Street, accommodating a variety of animals such as lion, gazelle, fox, jackal, monkey, deer, peacock, parrot and golden eagle. There are also several entertainment facilities for children.

  • Fadak Park
    With a collection of indigenous and non-indigenous trees along the Donya Road, Fadak is one of the most beautiful parks of the island, particularly famous for its wooden pavilion, wooden fences and nice exterior design.

  • Child Park
    Located nearby the magnificent harbor, the Child Park is one of the oldest resorts of the island. There is a dodgem car track inside the park.

  • Rayhan Garden
    Located along the Donya Rayhan Garden is a cultivation garden of imported mango trees.

  • Palm Groves
    Palm cultivation has a long record on Kish. Most of the tourists visiting the island in the past few centuries have noted the wooded palm groves of Kish. Yet, over the past few decades, several palm groves have been destroyed or chopped. Presently, the Bagh-e Behesht, west of Saffain district, boasts one of the nicest palm groves of Kish.

Entertainment and Sport Facilities

  • Kish Sports Complex
    There are several sports facilities in Kish. One of the best of these facilities is the Kish Sports Complex which contains the following utilities:
    * Six tennis courts: two for women, two for children and two for men
    * A 10,000-seat soccer field
    * An open-air swimming pool
    * A multi-purpose gym (volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis...)

  • Riding Club
    Riding strengthens mind and creates mental peace. The Kish Riding Club was set up in 1993 north of the island near the Olympic Village for the Persian Gulf International Games.

  • Sports Grounds across the Island
    There are a variety of sports grounds, gymnasiums and stadiums across the island.

  • Cycling Track
    Kish is home to one of the longest cycling tracks of Iran. The 75-kilometre cycling track stretches along the Donya Road on the beach. Some private-run stations even let bikes to the cyclists. These stations are scattered all over the island, ranging from the harbor to the Marjan Bazaar.

  • Marine Sports Club
    The Marine Sports Club lies to the north-east of the island, near the Shayan Hotel. The center provides a wide spectrum of facilities such as glass-floor boats, speed boats, pedal boats, rowing boats, water skiing, fishing and diving equipment. Touring the Persian Gulf with a glass-floor boat is a convenient way to watch the underwater world. Tourists can also use the diving facilities and watch the underwater nature more closely.

  • Beach Complexes
    Unlike other seaside resorts of the world, the beaches of Kish are covered by corals, shining like a pearl under sunlight. The coastal waters of Kish are transparent and one can easily see a few meters deep into the water. The beach huts are suitable place for the interim residence of holidaymakers.
    Because of its nice weather, Kish beaches provide the possibly of swimming in nearly all days of the year.

  • Facilities for Women
    The "women only" swimming facilities are located in the northern beaches, in front of the Communications Company. The complex is 15 thousand square meters, providing fresh water shower, shades, sufficient light and a bodybuilding gym with experienced instructors.

  • Facilities for Men
    Men are free to swim in almost all parts of the beach. But they tend to go to the Marine Club, mainly because it has modern facilities. The men's complex, north-east of the island, is easily accessible via public transport or private vehicles.

  • Foreign Tourists` Complex
    Located east of the island, the "Foreign Tourists" Complex provides modern foreign holidaymakers with facilities of entertainment at sea.
    • Karaneh Sport Club
    Karaneh Club is located west of the harbor and port. The club provides roofed or open-air pools, steam and dry saunas, Jacuzzi, warm-water pool, and a bodybuilding gym. The athletic compound lies near the beach and overlooks splendid landscapes from the Persian Gulf.

  • Glider Flight
    Flight is the long-dreamt desire of humans. Kish offers everybody the chance of flying on gliders (aircraft without an engine) or on sailplanes. For more information the interested parties are requested to refer to the Hormoz Square.

  • Child Facilities
    Kids and teens can also take home sweet memories from Kish. A few of the child and teen facilities include: the Game Park, dodgem car track, the entertainment train going round the Venous Bazaar, cycling track, tennis court (at the Kish Sports Complex), aquarium, Gazelles Park, swimming complexes at the beach, Hur Hut and the Riding Club.

  • Dodgem Car Track
    With traffic signs alongside the track, children can have a pleasant time on the dodgem car fast track. After taking short instructions on how to drive, children can experience drive on a standard track stretched along the harbor.

  • Game World
    The Game World exists in the buildings near the Kish Hotel. There, children can play a wide range of interesting computer games with advanced facilities. The Game World is a rare center in its kind in Iran.