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From the prehistoric Painting found in the walls of Iran’s many caves down to modern Iranian painting; from the early stone carvings down to the statues created by the great contemporary sculptures; from the most ancient dwellings found in Sialk hills, near Kashan which date back 8,000 years, to the beautiful architecture of Safavid era; from the earliest pieces of textile dating back to 8,500 ago, to the exquisite silk carpets woven today; from the early verses of Avesta down to the superb poems of Hafez, Ferdowsi and Sa`adi, and further down to contemporary Shahryar, Moshiri, Moayeri, Nima, Sepehri... Iran is tremendously rich in arts and in literature.

Iran can be better understood through its arts and literature rather than its kings, conquests and victories. Although very large parts of the past works of art and literature have disappeared throughout the centuries of Iran’s tumultuous history, enough remains in various parts of Iran and almost every major archeological museum of the world, to reveal the extraordinary taint this nation possesses.

Every piece of Iranian art or literature is strongly bound to the nation's mode of living and to its history. Its generally melancholic music reflects the cruelties, massacres, invasions... the nation has had to bear, and yet, because of the diverse natural conditions of the country, the same music is delicate and penetrating. The intricate, detailed and delightful decorative designs on the earthenware and ceramic objects, the many palaces and mosques... reflect the nation's deep and penetrating power of perception. The great heights of its towers, minarets and domes indicate the nation's high aspiration and ambitions.